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My story is about GBG'S Business model known as MLM and how their flagship product 10 in One vitamins led me to join. 

I had a real desire to be as healthy as I could be, not only for myself but for my family as well.  I think my family is like most in that we eat right most of the time but surely not all the time.  So I knew we needed a real good multi-vitamin and mineral product however I wanted more than just a multivitamin.  The reason I wanted more was that I had heard so much on the news about how antioxidants could protect the body from harmful free radicals and how super-foods could help ward off disease.  So I went on a search to find such a health and nutrition product through my favorite search engine google.  What I found was a nice video and Physicians Desk Reference detailing the powerful benefits of the GBG 10 in one Vitamin and mineral supplement.  The product had an excellent price and so naturally I went ahead and ordered a bottle though their secure online sign up form.  5 days later the GBG Vitamins arrived in the mail right on schedule.

My wife and I both gave GBG a try and took the recommended dose first thing in the morning.  To my delight I found that I was alert much quicker in the AM and GBG 10 In One vitamins also gave me more energy and metal focus!  But when I found out how much this product helped my wife just after just 4 weeks of taking this product I was literally blown away.  To explain further my wife and been to the doctor and was referred to physical therapy as she had a lot of  pain and little range of motion in her left shoulder.  She had to take something for pain every evening in order to get sleep.  She was at the 8 month mark with therapy where her arm was exercised ect. with little change as she still had a lot of pain even though her range of motion was a bit better.  After just one month of taking 10 in One vitamins my wife's shoulder was fine, the pain was gone and the range of motion in her arm was back!  Keep in mind that this was a huge benefit to us as we started taking GBG just to be more healthy and never dreamed it would cure her arm.

I don't claim to be a health and nutrition expert but I am an extremely happy customer of GBG.  In fact so happy that I now am building a GBG Business with their MLM business model and copy-righted compensation plan and it is going very well!  I had explosive success in the past with MLM and knew GBG was right for this new economy of ours.  After all the business websites, virtual office and business tracking system come free to those that order the 10 in one product on monthly auto-ship.  Since one bottle is a one months supply this made total sense to me.

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GBG has become Novus Era and I invite you to check us out.

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