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GBG Platinum and Pay Plan Info


    The part we like best about the GBG platinum business package is the double
    pay and ability to earn from the more profitable platinum compensation plan.
    You are instantly qualified for 10 levels of pay and by enrolling just 2 customers
    you are now qualified for 15 levels of forced matrix pay and this could add up
    to tens of thousand of dollars per month.

    To unlock 30 levels of pay, our 2X30 forced Matrix, Platinum's need to enroll 3
    Business builder platinum members onto your team and move up to
    Presidential Platinum.

    Plus if you want to double, triple ( or more ) your residual income simply enroll
    more customers and platinum business builders. GBG's copyrighted
    Pay Points makes all this possible!

   GBG has launched their Business Builder Platinum Package and below you
    will find an outline of both the gold and platinum package.

    The GBG Gold Package

    - Free Business ( Just get at least one of our Nutritional products on auto-ship )

    - Earn up to 15 levels of pay
    - Free Replicated and Personalized Website!
    - Free back office tracking system that tracks your GBG business.
    - Free team and corporate support/training


     GBG is now Novus Era. Yes in fact the company was bought out.  We have
     some of the same but Novus Era has more awesome-ness and better leadership. 


   To join our business opportunity click here and hit the join button and choose your
    product of choice.



     The GBG Business Builder Platinum Package

     With the GBG Platinum Package you get everything contained in the gold
     package plus the following!
     - Earn double fast start pay
     - Earn double product matrix pay
     - Earn up to 30 levels of pay

     The Platinum Package is a very powerful income generating business opportunity. Our
Platinum package and prices may vary depending on the country where you reside.

ow do you Join GBG as a Platinum Business Builder?  You will just hit the
      Join Button, then choose your country first and pick the business builder platinum
      package.  The Platinum buisness builder product package goes for $399.97
is a one time fee.  Then you will be directed to choose your product or
      combo for monthly autoship and this can be as low as $49.97 monthly which
      will start on your second month.


       What will you get when you buy the  Platinum Business Builder Package?

       25 Business Overview Kits, a month supply of 10-in-One, 1 canister of MA+IGP,
       2 boxes of Cafe Primero, 60 10-in-One Sample Packets, 1 MA+IGP Informational
       Booklet and 1 Shaker Cup. Each Business Overview Kit includes 2 10-in-One
       Samples, 1 Informational DVD, 1 Info Card and 1 Marketing Box. This Platinum
       package makes you a Platinum Distributor for life, while providing you with an
       opportunity to sample each of our products and jump start your GBG Business.


                           Get Your GBG Platinum Package Today



The Four Ways We Get Paid


     1.  Fast Start Enroller Bonus:   Pay from the work you do.

     2.  Continuing Enroller Bonus:  Pay from the work you did.

      3.  Product Matrix Pay:  Pay from the work your team does.

      4.  Platinum Promotion Matrix Pay:  More pay from the work your team does.


     Now Imagine getting paid 2, 3, even 4 times and more on every sale, on your
    whole team!


    GBG Presidential Platinum, Michael Thompson  -  Contact Me with questions!

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